His Story

Wahayn Inello Clayton Smiling.

Wahayn was born in Brooklyn, N.Y. He was sent to Surry, Virginia as an infant where he grew up with his non identical twin sister. They were raised by their great grandmother, who they considered their grandmother. When Wahayn and his sister grew up, they took care of the fine women who had raised them so lovingly.


She instilled in him the most important things are to be able to take care of your health and to watch over the people who surround you the most often! She would always say, "You are the strong one, watch over them."


Before she died she said to Wahayn "great people are born, not made. Then someone finds them and what introduces them to the rest of the world is OPPORTUNITY."



An event that profoundly affected him in his life, as I was told, was growing up with an alcoholic uncle who lived on their farmland

and drank himself to death. During the early part of his teens Wahayn found him dead, kneeling down in the praying position alongside his bed in his home. Wahayn reached out to awaken him and when he touched him this feeling of coldness started at his fingertips, went into his hand, up his arm and throughout his whole body. To this day he has never experienced anything like that feeling. It taught him never hold back when their is something that needs to be said to another person, especially the people closest to you.


He also Understnads that Nature Provides all that we need to Live Peacefully Together in this World!